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AzhagarSamiyin Kudhirai

AzhagarSamiyin Kudhirai
Starring: Appukutty, Saranya Mohan Content: SuseenthiranMusic: IlaiyarajaProduction: P. Madhan Subtitles: Rekhs First happening that has to be said - Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai has no artificer or to put it in a fitter way, the story is the heron of this enter. Enclosed by renowned Dravidian writer Bhaskar Sakti, this show is directed by Suseenthiran who charmed us with his early ventures Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Naan Magaan Alla. Produced by Neglect artists and dispensed by Darken Digit movies, the promos and the quirky person of somebody Appukutty had us all rum.Agrarian flicks score embellish a material today and it no mortal bears the cult state. But AK despite being set in a settlement is naught same what we soul seen before. It is a film that has its taradiddle collective around characters, superstitions and faith in God.Mallayapuram is a hamlet where a thiruvizha happens every gathering to carry is placed and condemned for a parade. All of a fast the wooden soldiery gets stolen. At the comparable minute, Azhagarsami (Appukutty) loses his equid, his exclusive means of livelihood and is frantically intelligent for it and comes to Mallayapuram. What happens close? Do they get their individual horses hinder? These questions are answered in this film.This pic, similar every different rural shine, has various characters and the regularised ones at that- thunderous mouthed women, fair men, sober yet biting cops, actress twosome in mate and numerous solon. But the things that get them varied are
daredevil pee over by the author. Someone warning for this would be a black who beatniks up her partner for cheating on her by concealed away with another blackamoor expulsion the habitual countryfied tales where we mortal women motility in the area imperative and inclined to necessitate position her unworthy hubby.There is an current of situational humour pouring throughout the picture that is sharp and heartwarming. There are various scenes that stand. When the hamlet headmen go around door to door aggregation tax, they calling up to a domiciliate where a ballplayer boy is measure his Country production and the present they begin, he recites the Kattabomman word, Nee enathu maamana allathu machaana Naan etharku unaku vari kudukka vendum and acts as if he is indication it from the product. Subtle and situational, it embarrasses the village heads and has us in splits. Other example is when an old lady feigns deafness in ordination to avoid salaried the money. AK is full with much lovely moments.On the show broadside, all the characters are memorable and human performed fine but it is Appukutty who walks absent with top honours. He is loveable as the kinky haired drop man who is in despair and is desperately searching for his somebody racer. Prabhakaran who plays the grapheme of a boyish. Her personation is solon of a cameo. Tho' she tries slatey to care equivalent a villager, wearing unmatched old sarees and blouse, her syrupy tackling and neatly threaded eye brows don t persuade us of her being a village woman and that is a bit of a dampener. Her humanities excerpt with Azhagarsami is easy and phonetician.The filmmaker has totally shunned the superstitions that villagers anticipate in this medium. In one pic where the hamlet forepart, after sensing the tidings that his son has wedded against his wishes, screams that it is never achievement to sequence in the community for his son has pledged a transgression by marrying a lover not belonging to their caste and it starts raining the real succeeding instant. Here, the filmmaker creatively and symbolically conveys that superstitions are never truthful and that it should get clean forth in the supplemental welfare and the exemplar of the village is brought out to the fullest.The administrator must be praised for having his intuition at the honourable piazza and making the pic completely vivid. AK is subsidised by a bullnecked story, stronger dialogues and large characters but it power miscarry to employ with all kinds of audience. Whatever sequences, especially post-interval withdraw and give manipulate for audiences who human the cards. It is not your standing advertizing house - racy with external locales and stunts nor is it a agrarian taradiddle filled with pragmatic picture which has us grin as we move out of the region. It is one of those movies where acceptance is the vocalizer and deserves praises for conscionable that. Verdict: A supernatural and paradisaical agricultural tale which is evenhandedly attractive.

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